Before I Knew How to Make $1M

We hustled to our first $100k. The hard way.  

No mentors, no coaches, no paid education, just reading blogs, attending expos, and getting creative. 

That is how we made our first $100k in business. That was likely 3,000 customers that I met in person. I probably spoke to each customer who paid us too. It was grueling work, 12 hours days, three days in a row, on my feet the entire time, talking to strangers and trying to convince them to buy my Do-It-Yourself boxes.

When I did the math, it seemed like $5k in a weekend was good business. Then I had to count the 5 people who worked the booth, the 8 hours each they were working, the materials, and the booth space rental.

At the end of it, I had actually lost money working these expos. Ultimately, they were good for learning my customer in real time. There's nothing quite like someone calling you foolish and rolling their eyes at your offer.

And I lost $25k of my own money to make the $100k. 

We were hustling backwards.

This kind of selling builds thick skin and character. It taught me how to talk to customers but at this point, I was 4 years into entrepreneurship and STILL unable to pay myself any money. In this photo, I was 8 months pregnant, with my husband Tim, and we were surely losing money on this booth. I was about done with entrepreneurship and ready to apply to get my MBA, until I learned that all I needed to do was pivot my business.

At this point, I was tired. Tired of not making money in my business. Tired of sleepless nights putting together boxes. Tired of answering all the customer service emails myself. Tired of dipping into my personal funds for the business. I was tired of it not growing and being stagnant. I was ready to quit.

That's when I finally spent $300 for a 30 minute call with an entrepreneur in my industry and it changed my life.

Since then, I've spent nearly $260,000 on coaching. That's exactly 1%  of all the money I've made in business.

If you don't have the answers or experience, then you need to get it from someone and I can help with that. 

- Love Kim











Are you STUCK in your business?

Tired of wasting money on entry-level courses from people who don't have a product-based business and haven't made 8 figures?

Tired of losing money with agencies who promise to get you to 7 figures and they've never done it for anyone?

Tired of hiring people who quit within 2 weeks of working for you?

Have you ever wanted to ask someone, who was 1 or 3 or 10 steps ahead of you, what the right decision is... so you don't waste your time or money?

Want a coach who has actually done it and is STILL playing the game?

Want real-life advice, with real stories, from someone who has gotten it out of the mud?

And before you start diving into all the reasons that it worked for Kim but won't work for you, please know that Kim struggled too.

She didn't have the easiest childhood or come from money of any kind. 

  • Grew up poor on the Southside of Chicago
  • Raised by a single mom of 5 children
  • Absent Father
  • Public schooling
  • No rich uncle

And yet, she still achieved:

  • Bootstrapping to her first $1M in revenue
  • Successful Shark Tank Appearance
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 
  • #93 on the Inc 5,000 List for Fastest Growing Companies in the Country
  • Oprah's Favorite Things 
  • Celebrity Investors
  • $6M Raised in Capital 
  • Eight Figures In Revenue In A "Crowded Industry" Without Traditional Retail, 100% Online
  • $26M+ In Lifetime Sales

And just in case you're thinking, it was easy for her to do it with CurlMix, she was on Shark Tank!

She made her first $1M before appearing on Shark Tank, without significant funding.

Plus, have a look at 4C ONLY, her second brand.

It's now a multi-million dollar business and will generate $2M+ this year without Shark Tank. 

7 Sessions to 7 Seven Figures is group coaching for select entrepreneurs, led by Kim. 

At the end of this group coaching, you will have the knowledge to earn $100k/month in revenue and in 12 months, you can have a seven-figure business.

What is included?

What is the structure? 

Every session will include a 45-minute presentation on an important lesson in e-commerce led by Kim.

After each session, you will have 45 minutes of Q+A.

This offer will be exclusive, up to 5 people for private small-group coaching.

This will allow ample face time with Kim and her undivided attention.

You'll have time for your unique problems to be solved.

Kim shares it all, even a previous profit and loss statement.

There will be bi-weekly sessions to give you time to implement what you've learned and the accountability to get it done.

At the end of the 8 sessions, you will be welcomed to a private tour with your classmates of Kim's manufacturing facility. 

Learn from her funnels, email flows, SMS flows, ad strategy, social strategy, product development, hiring team, her failures and so much more. 

When do we start? 

Group Coaching Begins February 17, 2023 @ 12pm CST - 1:30pm CST. Everyone will be required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to keep everyone's information confidential.

Who is this for? 

This is for someone who has already launched a product with inventory and an e-commerce website where they can sell. If you are an implementer and you have a "can-do" attitude, this is for you.

Who is this NOT for? 

This is not for someone who hasn't launched their product yet and who believes they can 'hire away' their problems. You must be willing to implement and figure things out. You need to get ready to hustle for these sessions, as there will be homework.