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Market Strategically 

Develop a plan to promote your business in a way that is targeted, efficient, and effective. Learn practical tools and techniques to showcase your business's value and attract potential investors.  Gain a competitive edge in your industry!

Strategies To Attracting Ideal Investors

Learn proven methods to get angel investors as well as institutional investors to work with you. Get guidance on crowdfunding campaigns and engaging with foundations. Get your e-commerce product sales soaring!

Find Alternative Sources Of Funding

Don't let a lack of funding stop you from scaling your business. Learn the secrets to alternative financing sources, how to apply successfully and develop a solid plan on how to not only scale, but ensure consistent revenue for years to come.


Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis, a determined and visionary entrepreneur from Chicago, embarked on a transformative journey with her husband, Tim, to create CurlMix, a revolutionary natural haircare brand. Despite facing financial struggles and setbacks, they persevered and turned their humble beginnings into a thriving company with a valuation exceeding $30 million. Through Kim's unwavering grit, she built a team, overcame challenges, and gained recognition from prestigious platforms. Kim's success story inspires others to embrace their natural beauty, follow their dreams, and believe in the limitless possibilities that lie within them.

Kim has done gameshow, crowdfunding, angel investing, venture investing, foundation, government and revenue-based financing. No other founder has had the amount of diversity in raising funds as she has.

She has raised over $9M in the course of her career.

If you're looking for alternative sources of funding - look no further. Kim Lewis has done it all - and is ready to share her secrets with you.

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