Let me guess, you're not in the "in-crowd", don't have a ton of press, and have no clue where to begin with "Venture Capital." Let me help. I've raised over $5.6M for my company and secured top investors such as the CEO of LinkedIn. I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to have investors begging to give you money. 

In our talk, we will discuss the secrets to:

  • Building relationships with investors
  • Getting the meeting to pitch investors
  • Determining your valuation
  • Knowing your numbers
  • Negotiating a term sheet and closing a deal


There is such a thing as an e-commerce formula and I will teach you mine. It's not hard, but you need to make sure you have a product that is unique and adds value to your customers. Let me show you how to do it reviewing:

  • Testing product offerings and finding your audience aka solving a problem
  • Pivoting the business based on your findings
  • Validating the pivot with continuous growth


A happy team equals a realized dream. We learned to measure our businesses effectiveness by how happy our team and customers are. If your team is happy, you are happy – so what can do you achieve both?

You will learn how to….

  • Put yourself in your employee’s shoes and make decisions for them based on empathy and understanding – not bottom lines and KPIs.
  • Help employees find meaning in their work
  • Know their dreams and aspirations and why they want to work for you
  • Manage a completely remote team

I was able to grow my company to $1 Million in revenue in one year with a newborn, during a business pivot. Having a baby didn’t mean I was distracted, having a baby forced me to have laser focus. When we talk, I will share my experience and ways new mothers are leveraging their roles and why all my first hires were moms.

You will learn how to….

  • Make decisions quicker as a CEO and a Mom
  • Embrace your limitations - they are a reminder that you NEED a team
  • Get help even though you hate asking for it


CurlMix was featured in Season 10 of Shark Tank. Learn about my experience from learning how to get on Shark Tank to getting that first call to be on the show. I will guide you on how to prepare for that million dollar pitch so you stand out and how to utilize and monetize PR opportunities.

You will learn how to….

  • Get cast on the show and stand out in the audition
  • Prepare a killer pitch and practice until you're blue in the face
  • Prepare for the influx of orders and set up your launch for success